A trademark can be any sign capable of being represented graphically, where such signs are capable of distinguishing the goods of one manufacturer from those of another.

A trademark can therefore be, in particular, a word, a figure, an ornament, a color composition, a spatial form, including a form of the goods or their packaging, as well as a melody or another acoustic signal.

The firm provides services, in, among other things:

  • examination of registration capability of trademarks
  • advising on the design and selection of trademarks
  • development of lists of goods and services
  • filing and registration of national and Community trademarks
  • carrying out the procedure for registration of trademarks under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol (international registrations)
  • maintaining the protection, supervision and payment of official fees
  • amendments to trade marks registers
  • ongoing protection and monitoring of violation of rights to trademarks
  • litigation
  • pursuing trade mark rights
  • protection of copyright to trade marks
  • preventing unfair competition
  • negotiations
  • preparation of licensing agreements
  • preparation of contracts assigning rights to trademarks
  • expertise and legal advice
  • advising on the management of exclusive rights to trade marks