Utility models

An utility model is a new and usable solution of technical character, related to the shape, structure, or arrangement of an object of durable form.
An utility model shall be considered a practical solution, if it permits the achievement of a purpose of practical importance at manufacturing or use of products.
The firm provides services, in, among other things:
  • examination of registration capability of utility models
  • filing for and obtaining exclusive rights to utility models
  • supervision and payment of official fees
  • amendments to utility models registers
  • ongoing protection and monitoring of violation of rights to utility models
  • litigation
  • pursuing utility model rights
  • protection of copyright to utility models
  • preventing unfair competition
  • negotiations
  • preparation of licensing agreements
  • preparation of contracts assigning rights to utility models
  • expertise and legal advice
  • advising on the management of exclusive rights to utility models
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