Industrial designs

An industrial design is a new and unique form of a product or its part, attributed to it, in particular, by the characteristics of lines, contours, shapes, colors, texture or materials of the product and by its ornamentation.
A product is, in this case, any item produced in an industrial manner or by handicraft, including, in particular, packaging, graphic symbols and typographic typefaces, but excluding computer software.
The firm provides services, in, among other things:
  • examination of registration capability of industrial designs
  • development of the rating defining the scope of protection of industrial designs
  • filing and registration of national and Community industrial designs
  • supervision and payment of official fees
  • amendments to industrial designs registers
  • ongoing protection and monitoring of violation of rights to industrial designs
  • litigation
  • pursuing industrial designs rights
  • protection of copyright to industrial designs
  • preventing unfair competition
  • negotiations
  • preparation of licensing agreements
  • preparation of contracts assigning rights to industrial designs
  • expertise and legal advice
  • advising on the management of exclusive rights to industrial designs