The object of copyright is any manifestation of creative activity of individual character, recorded in any form, regardless of value, purpose and manner of expression (work).

In particular, the objects of copyright include:

  1. works expressed in words, mathematical symbols, graphic signs (literary, journalistic, scientific and cartographic works and computer programs);
  2. graphic works;
  3. photography;
  4. violin making;
  5. industrial design;
  6. architectural, urban architecture and town planning;
  7. musical and verbal-musical;
  8. stage, stage-musical, choreographic and pantomime;
  9. audio-visual (including motion pictures).

There are two types of copyright:

  1. moral rights;
  2. copyright.

Moral rights protect bond between the author and the work, unlimited in time and independent of any waiver or transfer.

Copyright gives the author the exclusive right to use the work and utilize it in all fields of exploitation, as well as to the fee for the use thereof

The firm provides services, in, among other things:

  • protection of copyright
  • pursuing rights derived from copyright violation
  • ongoing protection and monitoring of violation of copyright
  • negotiations
  • preparation of licensing agreements
  • preparation of contracts assigning rights to autorskie prawa majątkowe
  • expertise and legal advice
  • advising in copyright management