Patents are granted – regardless of the field of technology – for inventions that are new, involve an inventive step and are capable of industrial application.
The invention is considered new, if it is not part of the state of the art.
The invention is considered to have an inventive step, if it is not apparent to the expert, in an obvious manner, as derived from the state of the art.
The invention is considered capable of industrial application, if it can be used to manufacture a product or to utilize a method, in a technical sense, in any industrial business, including in agriculture.
The firm provides services, in, among other things:
  • examination of patentability of inventions
  • filing for and obtaining patents to inventions
  • supervision and payment of official fees
  • amendments to inventions registers
  • validation of European patents in w Poland
  • pursuing the national phase within the PCT procedure
  • ongoing protection and monitoring of violation of rights to inventions
  • litigation
  • pursuing invention rights
  • protection of copyright to inventions
  • preventing unfair competition
  • negotiations
  • preparation of licensing agreements
  • preparation of contracts assigning rights to inventions
  • expertise and legal advice
  • advising on the management of exclusive rights to inventions